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current students

Thank you for continuing your journey at Prep! Check back often for updates and new information. Be sure to follow us on Instagram too!
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Are you enrolled for the new school year?
Avoid the August rush and register for the 2013/14 school year today!
  • steps for readmission Open or Close
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    forms & docs
    Fill out readmission forms found in the Returning Student Readmission Packet for this year. If you're unsure which forms you've filled out, give us a call at 707 200 2648 or email office@pucprep.org
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    class scheduling & financial clearance
    If you haven't already, sign your financial contract with Mrs. McGraw. You can also sit down with Mrs. Bothwell or Mr. Fackenthall to plan your classes and take a look at your graduation plan.
    mr. fackenthall
    +1 707 200 2648 x 2101
    mrs. mcgraw
    +1 707 200 2648 x 2103
    mrs. bothwell
    +1 707 200 2648 x 2102
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    books, polo, and email
    On the first day of school, you'll check out your textbooks for the semester, pick up your school polo, and get set up with your Prep email and access to the wireless network.
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check the credits chart to make sure you're on track. Questions? Email the registrar at registrar@pucprep.org
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college early
Juniors and seniors! Are you taking advantage of the College Early Program? Sign up to take a free class today!
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service & work experience
Don't forget about service and work experience requirements! Remember, you need 25 hours of service each year, and 100 hours of work by the time you graduate.
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google apps
All of our students have their own @pucprep.org email address through Google, giving us a unified form of communication, as well as personalized access to Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, and much more.