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graduation & diploma

There are two diplomas offered by PUC Prep: standard and advanced. Both are college preparatory. Because each college may have different requirements, a bulletin should be obtained from the college where attendance is planned. Students are encouraged to discuss their goals and academic plans with the registrar before registration.

A diploma is issued to those who
Attend Prep for at least the entire final semester of their senior year.
Present evidence of eighth grade completion or equivalence per NAD code.
Have a satisfactory conduct and attendance record.
Pass a proficiency exam in reading, writing and mathematics at the ninth grade level or above.
Complete a minimum of 250 semester periods of class work in specific subject areas.

early graduation

There are a variety of choices available to the student who wants a more challenging academic program. One is to participate in the PUC College-Early or Advanced Placement program. Another is to accelerate high school into a shorter period of time. Completion of four years of high school classes is expected. Summer school and class overloads are regarded as enrichment rather than acceleration. Those wishing to complete high school in less than four years must meet the following requirements:

‣ The student has achieved a composite score at the 85th percentile or above on the Pacific Union Conference adopted standardized achievement test.
‣ A cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above, and continues to maintain the grade-point average following approval as a candidate for early graduation.
‣ Student must demonstrate initiative, maturity, and responsibility.
‣ The student is to meet the graduation requirements listed in the Student Handbook.
‣ Minimum ACT score of 28 or SAT score of 1100.
‣ Transfer students must be enrolled at Prep for one full semester before a request for acceleration will be considered.
‣ Transfer to a new class will affect Class Offices held in the former class.

Contact the registrar's office to learn more about Early Graduation.